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The Story of 4C
There is one place where success or failure of a brand begins and ends. It is not in the retail chain, or the dealership network or factory. It is inside the consumers' mind. While there are advertisements that persuade some of the consumers to buy their products some of the time; advertising when done with Creativity, Creditability, Clarity and Consistency, becomes more personal – It's entertaining, it's art, it's a solution. That is our advantage at Four C Graphic.

We like to think of our role as the intermediary in your brand's relationship with your customers. We are there to inspire an ongoing interaction, maximize loyalty and help your brand evolve by employing an approach to communications we refer to as the "4C."

It is one thing to be a well-rounded integrator of A&P disciplines but success is not attained until the work is executed on time and within allocated budget that will optimize returns. We offer the full range of services that you would expect, including:

• Print advertising: Newspapers and magazines, brochures, direct-mailers
• Outdoor media: Billboards, buntings and banners
• Point-of-sale materials: In-store POS
• Branding: Corporate identity, brand positioning
• Design: Graphic design and layout, product packaging
• Digital: Website design

Our Guiding Principles
It is our mission to deliver ideas that reach 100% recall, that cut across clutters to reach their rightful place in the consumers' mind. To do just that, we employ the 4C:

In today's competitive marketplace where your brand needs to co-exist within the turfs of other brands, it takes creativity to set your brand apart. Despite people in the business who believe that there are no new ideas, we have proven them wrong, time and again.

By gaining better insights and consumer understanding through research and interactive sessions with our clients, we are able to deliver your communication message across with pin-sharp clarity. The result is a single-minded communication that talks to your target audience on a personal level and way more effectively.

We believe in the power of consistency. Our integrated team of designers, strategic planners and thinkers share one common goal – to consistently deliver high quality work that wows.

It is our belief that today's consumers are no longer receptive to whatever the advertising medias put across. By being credible, by staying true to our principles, we need not over-promise to impress. We get it done with flair.